How to Flash Stock Firmware Using Qualcomm Fastboot Upgrade C Tool

Information: In this tutorial, we have shared the step by step instructions to Flash Stock Firmware on Qualcomm based device Using the Qualcomm Fastboot Upgrade C Tool.

Why You Need to Flash Your device

If your device stuck in boot logo, hanging issue, System boot problems, apps crashing issue, virus infections etc. Then you are at the right place you have to flash your device to recover it from all these kind of problems.

Things You Will Need for this Guide:

  • A Windows PC
  • Download and Install Qualcomm USB driver on your computer
  • A Qualcomm device
  • Stock firmware of Your Qualcomm device that you want to flash

Driver Concepts

There are many types of drivers available for Android devices, but we have to use only those for which we are working on For example, I am performing a fastboot upgrade in my device, so I have to install the Fastboot drivers of my device as Qualcomm Fastboot upgrade tool only recognise your device in a Fastboot mode that’s why we have to install the correct Fastboot driver for the corresponding device.

Firmware Concepts

There are many types of firmware available for Qualcomm devices 1.QFIl, QPST Firmware comes with firehouse, MPRG, rawprogram files 2. Fastboot upgrade package. We are performing Fastboot operation in a device, so we need Fastboot upgrade package only.

Flash Stock Firmware Using Qualcomm Fastboot Upgrade C Tool

Step 1: Download Qualcomm Upgrade C Tool and Extract the ZIP file on your computer. After extracting you will see following files (as pictured below).


Step 2: You have to copy the ADB-fastboot environment in your C>Windows>system 32 folders. If you need a tutorial on How to Set up the ADB-fastboot environment in your computer then head over to this Page.

Step 3: Now Open Qualcomm_FastbootUpgrade_C_V1.01.exe to launch the application.

 Fastboot Upgrade C Tool

Step 4: After launching the application, You will be able to see the following screen.


Step 5: Click on the login button and enter admin as password and click on OK.

enter admin as password

enter admin as password and click on OK

Step 6: Click on the browse button to load the stock firmware which you have downloaded and click on OK.

Click on browse button and load firmware

Step 7: Now boot your device into fastboot Download mode there is a special key combination in Android devices to boot into that mode.
Steps entering fastboot download: Switch off the device now press and hold vol + power if it does not work then again try with vol -(down) + power.

Once you have entered in fastboot download mode connect USB to the computer and click on Upgrade option.

click on Upgrade button

Now sit back and relax as it will take around 5 to 15 minutes to complete the process. After completing the process, it will show Green pass message which means that you have successfully flashed your device. Now you can disconnect it and start the device
and wait for first boot up. First boot takes around 10 -20 minutes do not panic here wait for it.

Additional Information:
Compatibility: Qualcomm fastboot upgrade tool compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit both.
Tips: User should reset their device in recovery mode (Special mode in Android devices to recover it from various issues) before performing the flashing operation.
Backup: The user should take a backup of each and everything stored in their devices as flashing operation erases all user data.
Tutorials: If you want a tutorial related to Android flashing then head over to our Tutorial Section where you will find lots of stuff related to Android.
Credits: Qualcomm fastboot and upgrade tool are created and distributed by Qualcomm INC thanks to them for producing and distributing such tools with us.

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