SPD Upgrade Tool: SPD Flash Tool (2020 Latest) Download

Download SPD Upgrade Tool (SpreadTrum Flash Tool), which allows you to flash PAC stock firmware on your SpreadTrum chipset based devices.

Here on this page, we shared all the tested versions of the SPD Upgrade Tool along with its previous versions for your convenience.

SPD Upgrade tool

Features of SPD Upgrade Tool

Primary User Interface: You can quickly flash a custom firmware on SpreadTrum chipset device. Open the upgrade tool in your computer then click on the Load Packet button and then Select your firmware file and load it here Once the firmware is loaded click on the Start downloading button. Now you will be able to see it has started the flashing perform.

PAC Firmware: Flash PAC firmware, also known as PAC file on SpreadTrum-chipset based devices, add this file in tool and click on start downloading button for begin flashing procedure.

Format P5C  Firmware: It is also used to flash the firmware, and very few devices are available on which P5C firmware can be used If you are using any device on a SpreadTrum-based chipset, then you can easily flash your device using this tool.

Download SPD Upgrade Flash Tool Latest Version 2020

Use the direct link below to download the tested version SPD Upgrade Flash Tool on your computer. All the following Tools are officially released by the Company, which have been scanned by the Antivirus program.

VersionDownload Link
R2.9.5005 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R2.9.5005.zip
R2.9.7008 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R2.9.7008.zip
R2.9.9008 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R2.9.9008.zip
R17.0.0001 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R17.0.0001.zip
R17.17.1202 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R17.17.1202.zip
R19.0.0001 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R19.0.0001.zip
R23.0.0001 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R23.0.0001.zip
R23.19.4001 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R23.19.4001.zip
R24.0.0003 SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R24.0.0003.zip – Latest

Additional Information

How to use SPD Flash: If you are looking for Easy, step-by-step Guidelines to Flash Firmware on SPD (Spreadtrum) device then head over to the Flash SPD devices page.

Spreadtrum Driver: if you are going to flash the firmware on any Spreadtrum devices using the SPD Flash Tool, you must have to install the SpreadTrum Driver on your Computer.

Flash IMEI: If You may need to how to Flash IMEI on SpreadTrum device using the WriteIMEI Tool or Read& Write Toll, then follow our step by step guide.

USB Drivers: If you are looking USB driver for your SPD (Spreadtrum) devices then head over to SPD USB drivers page.

Compatibility: SPD Upgrade Tool works with all version of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Credits: All the credit goes to SpreadTrum communication Inc because they created the SPD upgrade tool and thanks to him for Distributing such tolls with us.

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