Android Fastboot Reset Tool v1.2 (by Mohit kkc) Download for Windows PC

Download Android Fastboot Reset Tool tool that allows you to fix the plethora of Android system issues such as pattern lock, FRP protection, any fingerprint lock etc. Moreover, it can also Unlock your device from Bootloader, and you can Unlock Yureka BL as well remove the Xiaomi MI account.

 Android Fastboot Reset Tool

On this page, we have shared the tested versions to download Android Fastboot Reset Tool, including the latest and oldest for your convenience.

Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Features of Android Fastboot Reset Tool:

Simple Interference: The user interface of this amazing tool is so friendly that you can easily understand every task. The following are some great features of this tool.

Remove FRP: This fantastic tool allows you to Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on multiple chipset Devices like Qualcomm, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Moto, HTC etc. If you want to learn more about removing FRP, then follow How to Remove FRP on SPD Smartphone Page in one click.

Samsung Download Mode: Download mode is a particular state on Samsung devices that allows you to Flash Stock firmware or System Update. If you want to install custom ROMs in your Samsung devices, then you have to boot your device in download mode first that is called download mode.

Remove Mi Account: MI account is an excellent feature for Xiaomi users that developed by the Company Xiaomi Inc. You need to have an account of the Xiaomi company to access all the features that provide by Xiaomi Inc. If you forgot your MI account password, then you can easily remove your MI account password using the Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

Remove Pattern Lock: Popular pattern lock or fingerprint lock usually comes with all Android smartphones that secure Android phones. Many times, we may have trouble opening a pattern lock or fingerprint lock, or we forget the password. At this time, the Android Fastboot Reset Tool helps us to remove the password.

Unlock Bootloader: If you want to root your phone or install custom ROM, you must have to unlock the bootloader from your device.

Enter EDL Mode: Android Fastboot Reset Tool allows to us enter in download mode, which is also called EDL Mode (emergency download mode).

Download Android Fastboot Reset Tool for Windows PC

Use the direct link below to download the Android Fastboot Reset Tool on your computer.

v1.2 Download
v2.0 Download

Additional Information:

FRP Tutorial: If you are searching a Tutorial to Remove FRP, then follow How to Remove FRP on SPD devices Page using the Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

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Credits: Android Fastboot Reset tool is distributed by GSM developer member Mohit KKC thanks to him for sharing this great tool with us.

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